Masterful Vocabulary

Words can change how you feel in an instant, they can affect and transform your emotions.  In many cases, words cause us to take action.


What are beliefs made of…words.  Someone said a bunch of words to you and you created or took on a new belief.  Most of your beliefs came from words that were spoken and caused an emotion of some kind.


There are about 750K words in the English language and our language is action, or verb oriented.  What are the words that challenge, strengthen, to move us to seeking and move us to empowerment.

People who study language have shown that people use 2K-10K words in their vocabulary.

There are about 3K words that describe emotion and of those words 1/3 of them describe positive emotions and 2/3 describe negative emotions.  Does humanity want to feel awful?

The words that you use habitually when telling your story affects the messages that you send to yourself, followed by how experience life.  Is your life the way that you want it to be?  What are the emotional words you are using out of habit?

So that means if you change your words, you can change your experience.  If you have a vocabulary that mean scarcity, will bring scarcity.  If you use words that are about success, and abundance then it will bring success and abundance. 


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