Hi Everyone, I can't wait for you to hear from my guest and new friend Christoffel Sneijders from Amsterdam.  As always I love bringing you information from Master's from all over the world that are like minded and whose reward is helping humanity.


Christoffel "I have found an explanation and a new way of treatment that will make increase our success dramatically in helping people who are suffering from different kind of trauma’s and anxieties furthermore it will stop the stereotyping of masculine and feminine traits.

We have 3 BRAINS: one in our head, one in our heart and one in our gut. And they operate differently between MEN and WOMEN and even between the SAME GENDER.

Our head brain provides us with logic and creativity. It is an enormous database stuffed with all the things we have learned, to use our past experiences to predict the future better. Our heart brain is responsible for the emotions like love, hatred, sadness, justice and compassion. It is the “us” brain. Here all the grief is stored.
The gut brain is in command of our survival, fight, fly, hunger, and reproduction, and therefore, is able to overrule the other two. It is the “me” brain that makes us succeed as a winner and the other a looser. Here all the fight, flight, anger and sexual issues are related too."

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